Sweet Thyme & Co. is transforming the hospitality industry by helping food and beverage businesses stay at the forefront of technology.


Our simple and integrated platform gives food and beverage businesses industry-specific tools to strengthen their online presence and manage their website, marketing, and digital operations. We develop beautiful, mobile-friendly websites that food and beverage startups can easily update themselves – complete with hosting and exceptional client support.


Our Team

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Mint is the founder and CEO of Rootastes, a fresh and energizing office lunch delivery service. Rootastes is known for its healthy and delicious meals, as well as its creative design and marketing strategy. With extensive experience in the food industry, Mint finds that branding plays a big role in distinguishing one product from the next.  She started Sweet Thyme & Co. with the intent of supporting food and beverage businesses, so that they grow sustainably and creatively.



Thunya is an arts, culture, travel and food lover. Growing up, her family owned a print and design company, which fostered and strengthened her creative drive. She has served several companies and startups with specialization and experience in design, language, music, and marketing.